Ode to a Boy Quail

- 2

The drive to the hospital 11 years ago, December 15th, 2011, was not the first. You had me convinced several times that you were ready for your birthday; the second to last visit to Labor and Delivery, the nurse felt … Read More

A Theology of Ugly Sweaters

“Home Alone” was definitely one of the iconic holiday movies from my generation, although it wasn’t really a major thing in my house growing up. Funny what you watch as a kid that establishes itself as entirely normal in your … Read More

So God Made a Marme

- 4

December 8th of every year during my childhood out on the orchard, my Grandpa D. would light up a star way up on a pole to commemorate my mom’s birth. It was only fitting. And since she has been shining … Read More

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