Barbara will be signing her book, Olive, at Walla

Walla Book and Game on the 12th of June, 2021!

Be there or be square!

Barbara Braendlein appeared on the radio show “Off the Shelf” on 4.24.2021.

Barbara has been added as a third host to the Deciding Factor Podcast! It is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever good podcasts are listened to.

Barbara is currently featured on a competition show! Go vote for her by Tuesday October 17!

Artist First Radio announced Barbara Braendlein as Author of the Month for the months of July and August! She appeared live on their radio show in June. Listen to her interview

From The Inner Strength Podcast’s homepage:

“The Inner Strength Podcast offers the listener a place to learn, grow, and become inspired. Episodes are filled with people from all walks of life sharing their inner strength story.

Inner strength is something we all posses. Sometimes we just need a little guidance and inspiration to tap into that strength and overcome what seems like insurmountable odds.”

On their fourth episode, Barbara appeared to talk about Olive. You can find that interview here.

The Douglas Coleman Show was one of the first to host Barbara to talk about her book. Watch the interview.

Trip Elix’s description of the episode:

“A Mom with 4 immune-deficient kids in a pandemic releases a new book. Her insights and reflection.”

Give it a listen!

From Barbara’s Instagram post:

“Why would a talk show in Baltimore have me on? The obvious answer would be that I must have bribed them. But the honest answer is that we are going to talk HOMESCHOOLING and why America can and should seriously be considering it this fall.”

Tune in!

Barbara speaks with Dr. Doug about homeschooling and it’s advantages over the public alternative. Listen to it on iHeartRadio here.

From Author Groupie’s website:

“Barbara Braendlein is an author and urban farm wife who raises and homeschools four special-needs children. Her outlet: writing fictionalized accounts of her oldest daughter’s experience navigating the world. Sit back and listen as she describes her journey.”

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So you’ve read the book. Excellent. But, of course, you want more. How can you listen to more Barbara? Visit this page! This page will hold a veritable treasure trove of interviews of which you can choose what seems most interesting.

This page will also hold information about future live radio shows. Yes, live. Which means, in all likelihood, you, yes you, will be able to ask your own questions of Barbara. Questions like, “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” or perhaps, “How do you cook your asparagus?” Okay. You can ask about Olive too. Maybe, “Will you narrate an audiobook of Olive?” All this to say, keep an eye out. Like a thief in the night, the shows will come.

Here is your lantern.