I was informed yesterday, and sadly not for the first time, that I am no longer considered young. Actually, it is an extra special tidbit that seems to be coming up a lot these days and can I just say, … Read More

Parking Vultures

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Generally speaking, can we agree that I am not an easily irritated person? That I am more inclined to laugh than to develop a pet peeve, that I am not prone to road rage (unless you count cheerful singing of … Read More

Tick Tick BOOM

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Once upon a time, I was a naive young woman who unwittingly permed her hair mere days before the Beloved proposed to make me his bride, and thus change my life forever. Having no use for long engagements, we were … Read More

Birthday Party Grinch

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Perhaps I have mentioned this already, but not being an innately useful person, I make it a point to stand next to really useful people. Thus, when inevitability overcame yet again and I decided to blog (confused? Back to the … Read More

Tuck In

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So I was up a little before 4 am today, reading Samuel Rutherford quotes. (Oh relax, I went on to Hulu soon after and got hooked on a plotline where the president beats up a good-looking assassin. Obviously a story … Read More

Feodora-esq Academia

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Due to circumstances that I really cannot claim were out of our control (though, heck, this would sound better if they had been… makes me sound kind of shallow to admit we are starting school late because I was traveling), … Read More

Long Time, No See

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But I have a really good reason, I promise. Yes, I have horribly neglected this blog because it turns out, despite popular opinion, I do have a daily word limit and while it is a disturbingly high number, it does … Read More

Quail Envy

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Hear that? That is the deafening sound of another academic year reaching its close. Pip-pip and break open the junky cereal!! And for those of you who find your fibers inextricably woven to the rhythm of the more traditional school … Read More

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