Embrace the Discombobulate

Discombobulate, a noun: the state of being discombobulated, out of sorts, wonkydonks and upheaved. (English majors everywhere, pull your claws out of the plaster on the ceiling. I am fully aware that I made all that up. You’ll live.) It … Read More

Chicken Hearted Stew

- 1

We saw the first hail today, pelting about the yard like they owned the place (which I suppose, in that moment anyway, they surely did). I guess that makes it official — winter has arrived. For years, wiser heads than … Read More

Stay On Your Horse

- 2

As we embark on the first planned hiatus from blogging in honor of 3 days spent with Superchick at her lovely abode for Thanksgiving (squee!! And yes, I know you are all wondering — what will she do with all … Read More

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