Cake is the Answer

Now, some supercilious humbug could be reading this and argue that it seems to them that the veracity of the title depends heavily upon the nature of the question (not my regular readers, you understand. But theoretically, one of you … Read More

Kneading in the Crumbs

Over the summer, I had a temporary lapse of sanity and attempted (once again) to learn the art of making sourdough bread, chiefly because I really like eating it. I engaged with hell itself and requested a whole collection of … Read More

Can You Wait?

Now observe my Herculean effort to keep this burst of words both ladylike and dignified. So, the human subconscious is really a striking piece of Divine handiwork when you think about it. It has often been observed that if there … Read More

When God Sends a Sackbut

I have been studying to write a women’s Bible study on the book of Jonah (you wouldn’t believe how much is packed into that little tiny book. The mind grenades are flying) and came across a quote by Charles Spurgeon … Read More

Why I Never Learn

- 1

I am in the process of burning our lunch. It is not a conscious decision, and there are no smoke alarms going off (yet. Side note: if you have been reading up on the blog, you may have stumbled upon … Read More

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