Christmas Kaleidoscope, Part 1

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If you have been hovering nervously over your “refresh” button since last Saturday, wondering if UnPublish(Able) has gone the way of so many good and noble ventures (which is to say — kerplunk and dead), then take heart. Consider the … Read More

Being David Benoit

My, but I had such plans for writing this week… God rewrote my plans and instead this might be the first week since UnPublish(Able) started up that I have not produced a blog a day. I have to say, I … Read More

I Am an Excellent Driver

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Quail the Youngest has been having quite a time of late, needing multiple rounds of antibiotics, and this morning, I was driving her back to the doctor again when halfway there, the pouring rain turned magically to whirls of snowflakes. … Read More

Ode to a Boy Quail

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The drive to the hospital 11 years ago, December 15th, 2011, was not the first. You had me convinced several times that you were ready for your birthday; the second to last visit to Labor and Delivery, the nurse felt … Read More

A Theology of Ugly Sweaters

“Home Alone” was definitely one of the iconic holiday movies from my generation, although it wasn’t really a major thing in my house growing up. Funny what you watch as a kid that establishes itself as entirely normal in your … Read More

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