Butter and Rest: the Number One Reader Edition

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That’s right — this one is for you, my non-baking soulmate of a reader. The one who reads all my blither about creaming butter while munching on Cheese-Nips and sipping Merlot and giggles over my folly and wonders why I would bother with such a wearisome activity as baking. Today, and today only, I cede the floor to you.

Because there are Sundays when the most celebratory, Sabbath-embracing breakfast you could possibly serve is a sticky pile of cherry danish from Costco. The only objectionable thing about them is the stinking loud plastic that pops like the sound barrier being broken when you open it, but fortunately, they are so tasty, you only have to do that once. Make the coffee. Eat the danish. Give thanks.

There are times for baking your fingers to the bone, with love. And there are times for putting all your time into conversations and board games, into taking small children to dollar stores for toys that will break within the hour and meeting up with old friends for long overdue catching up over chai tea lattes. Give it all to the Lord. Give it freely, without guilt or recrimination. When God tweaks your schedule, praise Him. And when your hours are regular and predictable, fill them to the brim, with great joy. Store-bought pastry with thankfulness beats homemade with the burden of legalism every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Enjoy, people.

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  1. Ellen
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    • barb
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      Just for you. 😉

      • Ellen
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        I am beyond honored. So excited about the notoriety that I have taken a screenshot and taping to my fridge. (P.S. Should you want to correctly identify me in future editions with correct details, please use Ranch Doritos and Cab-Sauv.)

        • barb
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          Drat, I knew my memory was failing me on that one.

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