Butter and Rest: Pears, Meet Chocolate. Now Be Friends.

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And let’s be real — they are. Wasn’t it Spurgeon who, when asked how he reconciled the doctrine of predestination and human free will, said he didn’t, because there was no need to reconcile friends? Well, ditto chocolate and pears. And this week’s Sabbath breakfast plug is the culmination of that glorious friendship.

As we enter into the second week in Advent, the treats will begin to ramp up, and that is fantastic. Embrace it (and then encourage your husband to embrace you often while he can still get his arms around you). These scones don’t hit the palette like an overly rich treat. They have an oddly pleasant balance of flavors and textures, and pears are easy to find this time of year. Like here, for example:

Or here:


Mention my name when you order. Nothing will happen, but it will make me feel cool. These are both companies I believe in, and they are about the most fabulous Christmas gifts you could send someone, or… buy yourself a box of pears and make this recipe. I just gave you full and free permission to have chocolate for breakfast tomorrow — go, dog, go!!

Now for a real and official Spurgeon quote for you to read while you wait for your scones to come out of the oven — happy second Sunday in Advent, y’all.

“The great power of the serpent lies in unpardoned sin. He cries, ‘I have made you guilty: I brought you under the curse.’

‘No,’ say we, ‘we are delivered from the curse and are now blessed, for it is written, “Blessed is the man whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered.” ‘

We are no longer guilty, for who shall lay anything to the charge of God’s elect? Since Christ has justified, who is he that condemns? This is the swinging blow for the old dragon’s head, from which he will never recover.” — Charles Spurgeon

  1. Ellen Korthuis
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    Only you could connect predestination and pears. And pull it off.

    *Sigh* So much to love about you!

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