Suffering has seasons. There was a time for Job to defend himself, to defend the right doings of his Lord to his well-meaning and absolutely worthless friends, but there came a point in his pain when he came face to … Read More

Stop Messing About

This morning, email has not been my friend. I know we aren’t supposed to hate the messenger and all, but today I do. This morning I learned over email that someone I love dearly lost someone she loved dearly. He … Read More

Butter and Rest: Blueberry Pancakes

Lame, right? You all probably use your great-great-great grandmother’s recipe for blueberry pancakes and are wondering why I would bother writing about a breakfast that has been SO DONE. Fair point. Here is my twist: I don’t put blueberries in … Read More


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The stages that we as human beings go through when battling the common cold are hysterically funny to me. Not saying that I am, as a habit, someone who points and laughs when people don’t feel good. I mean… ok, … Read More

Get Out of the Boat

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Inspiration strikes in funny places. Do you find that? How often was Michelangelo just minding his own business, enjoying a midday burger or his equivalent of the daily crossword puzzle before out of nowhere, BOOM — you know what would … Read More

Sleep Deprivation is My Superpower

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Confession time: my reading habits tend towards the schizophrenic. On any given day, you might find me reading G.K. Chesterton, Francis Schaeffer, Martin Luther, Fredrik Backman or John Greene and absolutely everything in between. Yes, prying Reader, I have even … Read More

Labor Intensive Bacon

Once upon a time, I lived in a place where I had a bakery for buying my bread and Sabbath pastries, a Meat Fairy who kept me well supplied, a farmer’s market for vegetables, and a source for local dairy. … Read More

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