Butter and Rest: Baby Shower Bait

A markedly extroverted friend of mine, who is oft in the position of using her gifts to plan bridal and baby showers at church, appears to have stumbled upon the key to ensuring this introvert’s attendance at her events: she asks me to speak. Now, I realize that this is not a foolproof method, and that for some of you, that would be the one thing that would guarantee that you do not darken the door of the festooned abode (that day or any other, most likely), and thus, I offer you a backup plan: Magical Breakfast Nachos.

This is a non-recipe, the sort of thing I contemplated on a long drive a few months back when I was hungry and tired and trying to stay awake (and out of watermelon sour patch kids) and thinking that sweet potato fries sounded like the solution to every problem. For those of you not speaking at a shower this weekend, I highly recommend making this and attending anyway. Truthfully, it would attract me to most any kind of shower. Heck, I would probably shower more than twice a week if a trail of these nachos was left, Hansel and Gretel style, down the hallway and ending with a loofah.

This is important. Probably needs bullet points.

  • First, bake up a bunch of sweet potato fries, like the ones you buy at Costco. This means you will have to follow the directions on the bag. Personally, I delegate this part to the Beloved because I am terrible at following directions, but perhaps you are not similarly cursed. Just be a dear and sprinkle salt on them right when they come out of the oven.
  • Meanwhile, cook up a bunch of ground sausage. I always choose maple flavored, for no reason other than I like it.
  • Pile fries in a pan, top with sausage, cheese, sliced peppers (the options are endless. This can be a spicy meal or not), olives, sour cream — seriously, whatever you like on nachos.

Then you sit back and watch a group of elegant church ladies hoover them down at whatever shower you have brought them to (or you sit in your bathtub and eat them. No judgment).

It probably goes without saying, but it has been a few weeks since I wrote a Sabbath breakfast argument, so maybe I should say it anyway. The Lord has given you rest — rest in Christ, a day set aside to worship and be fed from His hand and to get a taste of the glorious rest that is CERTAIN in Him. Take it. Give thanks. Enjoy it.

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