Suffering has seasons. There was a time for Job to defend himself, to defend the right doings of his Lord to his well-meaning and absolutely worthless friends, but there came a point in his pain when he came face to face with God, and he lays his hand over his mouth and stops giving answers. Suffering brings us face to face with the glory and might of God in a way that is personal, that leaves us silent for a time, humbled.

Sometimes when the hand of God is heavy upon you, it is heaviest upon your mouth.

I am taking a hiatus from words… until He gives me words again. I hope that is soon. For those of you who read this blog as a way of taking a temperature on how I am doing… huh. That was smart. I look forward to spilling plenty of ink (or whatever the heck you call it in the digital age) for the encouragement of others and the praise of God again. This would be a good time to subscribe (shameless plug), so that you get a nice little ping when that day comes.

Until then, to God alone be the glory.

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