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Due to circumstances that I really cannot claim were out of our control (though, heck, this would sound better if they had been… makes me sound kind of shallow to admit we are starting school late because I was traveling), we are starting school today here at Feodora — me, 2 sophomores, a 6th grader and a 4th grader. Behold the Quail coming home to roost in their native schoolhouse… er, table.

We started the day with loud singing (because it is the only way to start any day, if we are being blunt), with a new cadence to learn Genesis 1, with an exploration into art (because I found an awesome book with nominal nudity when I was at the San Diego Museum of Art), and catechism. Then we hit the ground running.

And God provided.

Years ago, when I was in my teens and being treated at Seattle Children’s for pain for the first time (back before we used words like “chronic”), a fellow patient who was discharged before I was gave me a copy of this poem. Something in the prayer request of a friend made me think about it this morning; perhaps it is now needful for one of you.

Dark is the sky, and veiled the unknown ‘morrow.
Dark is life’s way, for night is not yet o’er.
The longed for glimpse, I may not meanwhile borrow,
But this I know and trust, He goes before.

Dangers are near, and fears my mind are shaking.
Heart seems to dread, what life may hold in store.
But I am His. He knows the way I’m taking.
More blessed even still, He goes before.

Doubts cast their weird unwelcome shadows o’er me.
Doubts that life’s best, life’s choicest things are o’er.
What but His word can strengthen can restore me,
and this blessed fact that still He goes before.

He goes before, be this my consolation.
He goes before, on this my heart will dwell.
He goes before, this guarantees salvation.
He goes before, and therefore all is well.

J. Danson Smith

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    Again, thank you.

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