Butter and Rest: Blueberry Pancakes

Lame, right? You all probably use your great-great-great grandmother’s recipe for blueberry pancakes and are wondering why I would bother writing about a breakfast that has been SO DONE. Fair point. Here is my twist: I don’t put blueberries in mine.

This is my favorite grain-filled, but still light and fluffy pancake recipe and while it is really good with blueberries, I have a personal and persistent aversion to the nasty mess that cooked blueberries makes on my griddle, so 9 times out of 10, I leave the blueberries out or offer them as a topping to be enjoyed with maple syrup. There are subtle flavors in this recipe that make it for me: lemon zest, the teensiest bit of Greek yogurt tang, vanilla and rye. It feels sweet without being heavy, and they whip up fast, for those Sabbath mornings that you were perhaps a little bit shy of “with it”.

Back to the blueberry mess.

Perhaps I should learn to embrace the hot sticky mess of violet-colored oozing fruit, if for no other reason than that is so often the manner in which God gives us grace when we are on the griddle. From our perspective, grace would involve turning off the heat. Enough already, right? This feels excessive, we have gone beyond the pall, and if I am not completely cooked through, surely it is close enough for government work (especially these days)!

When God gives grace, it is sufficient, abundant even, and rarely comes in the form we expect or think we need. Whatever other juicy and messy graces He is pouring out on your weary head this weekend, there is one that I am absolutely certain He is offering you: He is spreading a table for you in His house tomorrow. He will feed you with His word and sacrament, and with the encouragement of other believers. Don’t starve yourself of His grace.

Don’t skip the blueberries.

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