Butter and Rest: Hello, Tricked Out Waffles

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Happily ensconced in all your blissfully naive New Year’s resolutions? Good. Then we can talk waffle decadence.


First, you are going to roll your eyes at me and make snorty sounds about the idea of making fancy schmancy whipped cream and what the heck is lime curd anyway (do I know you or what?). Then you will notice a bit of drool gathering around the back of your jaw and threatening to dribble out and make a mess of your screen. Then you will think about how you sort of biffed your husband’s Christmas gift this year… or maybe for the last 15 years… and how his eyes would light up like a child’s if you were to go out of your way and make this for his Sunday breakfast and how actually, the shortest route to diamond jewelry is through waffles (which sounds manipulative in print, but this is your subconscious, not mine. There’s no real defense of it).

Don’t let me interrupt your process. I’m just going to chatter over here in the background.

Because the making of killer waffles demands killer tunes, I offer up to you my latest personal discovery in Psalm singing. It grooves (and then go listen to their version of Psalm 88 and see if you cannot hear Christ in Gethsemane).

While not in any way connected to New Year’s (as we have previously established that I eschew resolutions and futile goal setting. Or productive goal setting, come to think…), I have lately taken up Pilates and I am thoroughly and unexpectedly loving it! I stumbled onto this adorable little gal on YouTube, her channel is called Moving Mango, and while the workouts feel amazing, I think it is her accent that keeps me coming back. “Keep Breeding,” she lilts and I am 84% certain that it has no reproductive instructions and is rather encouraging me not to hold my breath, but either way, she says it so cute, with her constantly unconscious labradoodle in the background, that I just smile and nod and hold my legs at weird angles until I’m pretty sure she says to stop. It is awesome and another reason I feel good pushing the crazy waffles.

Like I needed a reason. Have you beaten down your subconscious yet? Happy waffling.

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  1. Anne
    | Reply

    We have a star wars waffle maker. Those are special days of waiting, since it’s as slow as the molasses we might pour in those said waffles!

  2. Ellen
    | Reply

    Yes, apparently “you DO know me or what”.

    • barb
      | Reply

      Why Ellen (insert innocent Bambi eyelashes, all aflutter)! What made you suppose I was thinking of you??

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