Butter and Rest: Circus Bun Edition

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Have we known each other long enough for me to offer up one of my favorite, most difficult, and absolutely most fun recipes to make without you smirking and closing down the screen? Kindly recall that I have also offered you Costco danish, and thus we are not completely unhinged.

These, however, might be.


I am actually not a foodie, so I am not up on all the trends, but apparently this tricked out cinnamon roll started in the Circus Bakery in Paris and you can probably fill in all the blanks from there. You do one cool thing with butter and suddenly everybody and their brother is trying to imitate you. Must be hard being French (insert 5,000 jokes that now leap to mind, 4300 of which are mildly inappropriate and yet accurate).

This is a harder sell than most recipes I submit for your perusal and subsequent embrace — I will cop to shooting the moon. But here is the thing… you have freedom in Christ. Have you paused lately to meditate upon all that Christ has both won for you and bought you back from? It is more than freedom from eternal damnation (though that would have been enough). You have been given identity, inheritance, sonship. You are set free from asceticism and gnosticism and every other lying ism that would tie your soul in knots — you are perfectly accepted in Christ, because of Christ, because when God the Father looks at you, He sees the perfect obedience of His conquering Son. That is who you are. The pleasure of the Lord God Almighty rests upon you right now. And if that is who you are, then look at your life with fresh eyes and ask yourself why in heaven’s name you would still be living “under the circumstances”, why you are sighing when you think about having to feed your family again (when you just did this yesterday), why you are looking for the bare minimum instead of grabbing every opportunity to celebrate, to stretch, to bless by the scruff and laughing your way to a new joy that you haven’t yet explored. Could the answer be that you have bought into a lie about who you are? About Who called you out of darkness and into His marvelous light? Make the Circus Buns… because you can. You Are Free.

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  1. Ellen
    | Reply

    AMEN! I am free!

    But, no, I can’t.

    I really tried. Honestly! With intentionality that would impress you, I clicked that link. But when I saw the section titled “FOR THE DOUGH”, in a nano-section of self-preservation, my non-bandaged pointer finger closed the link. So that was that.

    But, oh, I DO want more than the bare minimum! And therefore remind you that YOU are free… free to SHARE with others a new joy they have yet to explore. (Just wrap those Circus buns in that fancy baker paper stuff I’ve seen ladies put on cookie sheets, shove ’em in overnight delivery USPS box, and I can figure out how to re-warm them.)

    • barb
      | Reply

      Oh well. At least you caught the free part. 😉

  2. Kelly Wunderwald
    | Reply

    Haha! I second that, Ellen! I didn’t even click the link because I suspect there’s yeast in that recipe and I might be free in Christ, but yeast?? 😱

    • barb
      | Reply

      Suspect? But… if you didn’t click, how do you KNOW?

    • Ellen
      | Reply


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