When In Doubt, Put on the Mustache

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It is not too late. By the time this is published, we will be withing spitting distance of Reformation Sunday and it is not too late for you to fling yourself headlong into celebration of the incredible kindness of God in sending the Reformation of His church 500 years ago (think that doesn’t matter to us today? You literally would not be reading this if it wasn’t for the hubbub that Martin Luther kicked off with a hammer and some words).

Refresher courses can be helpful, so here it goes. Clicky the linky.


Finished reading? All excited now? You should be. This is big stuff.

We are blessed to be a part of a church that goes all in on Reformation Sunday celebrations, and the Quail have been in earnest preparation for weeks now, because dressing up is fun and thanks to the work Christ did on the cross, we are free to enjoy it.

Have you thought about this? You don’t have to fear Halloween or making your kids the only nerdlingers on the block who didn’t score some candy. This world belongs to Jesus — all of it. He bought it, with His blood, and it is a case of cosmic no-takesie-backsies. Why would you hand over October to the devil when you could be reforming this holiday (and all holidays for that matter)? You of all people have every reason to have FUN! Your sins are paid for. PAID FOR. Can you even grasp this good news? Do you even understand that you went from cursed for all eternity to being given life that can never be snatched from you, that you are set free not only from sin’s curse, but from its power? There is no sin that can overcome you anymore.

How can that NOT lead to king sized candy bars??

So we will gather together on Sunday night, at a brewery (because we don’t have to fear alcohol anymore either. The gifts… the gifts are piling up…), which has amazing acoustics and we will sing loudly and heartily, because the Lord reigns, and the kids (and more than 1 grownup) will be dressed up and instead of trick-or-treating, they will go around to the elders and answer questions about the five Solas (we need another link, don’t we… of course we do. Here ya go https://www.ligonier.org/learn/articles/what-are-the-five-solas ) to fill their pillowcases with candy.

This year, we will have a Jasime, a cowboy and cowgirl, and Ramona on tin can stilts (we are having canned beans for lunch, if anyone is curious). The Beloved found a package of stick-on mustaches for the cowboy, which he has been wearing around and outside the house for days, because apparently mustache-wearing takes a lot of practice. Looking cool often does.

But that is rather the point. You are saved by Christ alone. You did not earn this amazing gift, and the only right response to an astounding present is over-the-top gratitude. Let it spill everywhere. Wear the mustache, cook a feast, laugh over the costumes and the antics of children at play, buy the gigantic candy bar and eat it with a thankful heart.

Sola Deo Gloria and Happy Reformation Day!!

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  1. Ellen
    | Reply

    Smiling to imagine hearing Beloved and pint-sized Cowboy, mustaches slightly askew, and three other costumed Quail belting out Psalms which reverberate off the walls of a brewery! But, avid Reader is missing one piece of the vignette: what wears the Author? And, after Quail are asleep, has said Author ever looted the pillow cases and squirreled away the king-sized candy bars for the long winter?

    • barb
      | Reply

      Truthfully, I rarely have to loot. They are pretty good about paying taxes. If you are an avid Ramona Quimby fan, then you know any Ramona on tin can stilts needs a Mrs. Swink to yell, “PIEFACE!” to, and while my outfit may look a lot like what I normally wear, that is the role I hope to fill. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find polyester pant suits these days.

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