Butter and Rest: Cranberries, as Promised

Want to know another fantastic thing about cranberries (assuming you are all caught up on recent posts and don’t need me to spin another sonnet in admiration of cranberries. Save both of us the time and hop to the archives)? They keep really well. So even though I had piles in my kitchen last weekend when we needed to take a viral intermission and make rice pudding, they have remained happy and fresh in my refrigerator, so that today we can pick up where we left off: obsessing over which cranberry recipe to stuff down your throat… er, I mean, to humbly suggest to you for Sabbath breakfast this week. After much deliberation, I have to decide to completely rock your world:

This, my friends, is seasonal eating at its best.

You literally have no excuse not to make this. The cranberry filling is strikingly beautiful and is the perfect balance of tang and sweetness, it uses instant yeast, for Pete’s sake, it is impossible to screw up, and the orange icing gives it a decadence that befits the celebratory breakfast of the redeemed of the Lord. They rise in the fridge overnight, bake in a half an hour, and are the ideal accompaniment to hot coffee, crisp bacon and falling leaves outside your window.

Take the moment. Challenge yourself to lean into the joy that the Lord Himself is your rest, and resist the ease of tripping back into chaotic, stressful Sunday mornings (because the falling down is easy. It is the getting back up that takes work. It is the staying out of it in the first place that requires intention). What if you and your family were to arrive at worship not frazzled, irritated, and rushed? What would it take? Going to bed earlier Saturday night? Doing your laundry Friday? Not sleeping in, maybe? We die to live. And He is our Resurrection. What would happen to your week if you were to truly set aside a day for rest, for rejoicing, for worshiping God with all that you have — with your time, your energy, your thoughts, your voice, and yes, even with how you feed your people breakfast?

What if you started… now?

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