What Ho! An Announcement!

UnPublish(Able) is adding a new feature!

I can hear your thoughts screeching to a halt — it had features before this? Yes, silly. The “welcome to the show” feature, the “hoo boy, aren’t you glad this isn’t your brain?” feature, the “maybe if I just tell her that I read it, it will make the words stop” feature, and so on.

But now!! Something official! Something I hope to do weekly, something that I need help naming… do be a sport and stick your suggestions in the comments, lest this feature become like that cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, doomed to remain a poor slob without a name…

This is my Lord-willing-weekly jolt of inspiration and encouragement to you to start your Sabbath with some joyful eating (you see why I need help naming this feature, right? Brevity has never been my strong suit). I promise to always make it something that I have actually cooked this week, and to make my best pitch why it is worth the effort.

Not saying it will work… but that wasn’t a requirement handed to me when they handed out the space for features.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this yet, but…


The window of fabulousness is closing, mon ami. This Sabbath breakfast is brought to you by peaches, but you could easily do this with nectarines as well. Probably also a pluott, if you are missing a large chunk of your soul and have not eaten all of yours fresh already. When I made this, yes, I used homemade ricotta cheese. Tune in on Monday when I plan to tell you the story of my husband coming home from the dentist with a sheet of paper telling us that he needs a double root canal (they haven’t actually scanned the rest of his mouth…) and that it will cost more than my current car. I promise that making ricotta is not an act of pretentiousness but rather me, attempting to scrimp and pinch. However, if your teeth are fine and dandy, go buy some. Ok. Ready?

  • Peel however many peaches you want to eat. Kids probably get a half, parents might want 3, 4, or 7 halves. You do you, boo. Cut them in half and butter the cut side (yes. This feels ridiculous and slippery and nonsensical. Do it anyway. Lick your fingers afterwards and you will feel better about the whole procedure).
  • Heat a big fatty cast iron skillet over medium heat. I guarantee you could do this in the oven, or on a barbecue, but when I made this, I had a whopping 15 minutes to get breakfast on the table and could not be bothered and cast iron works awesome.
  • Plop in the peaches, cut side down, in the hot pan and cook them a couple of minutes until they get those cool little sizzle marks. Flip them over and do the same on the other side.
  • When nice and toasty, scoot them over to bowls. Scoop a blop of ricotta on top, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle with toasted pistachios, almonds, or whatever handful of spare nuts you have left over from that time last Christmas that you got roped into a cookie exchange. Just do me a solid and toast them first — oven at 350 degrees, maybe 5 minutes on a cookie sheet. They chop easier, they taste better, and you get to toss your hair and drop phrases like “toasted nuts”.
  • This meal can be made more substantial by serving it with bacon or a side of eggs, or even a hearty slice of nutty toast.

And now I try and convince you that it is worth a try.

You only get good stone fruit once a year. Don’t even talk to me about Costco peaches in the middle of winter — gag. Are you really going to try and tell me that a bowl of cereal sounds better than this? This is a silly fast meal, and there a lot of ways to make the dollar stretch if you are feeding a family and still make your Sabbath breakfast something special. Maybe you don’t serve everyone bacon — cook 2 slices in the microwave and crumble it on top of your eggs, or heck, onto the peach itself! Cook a pot of oatmeal and slice a grilled peach with ricotta and honey on top. The possibilities are endless.

You do realize what the picture is that we are painting, right? In Christ, real rest is coming. It is certain. The feast will be sweet beyond our imagination, and He gives us a taste when we go to His house. Make ready your hearts for that gladness at the very beginning of your day. Sing, and eat, and laugh — because He is risen indeed. Happy Lord’s Day!

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