Quail Down!

I just finished feeding chili cheese Fritos straight to the mouth of a kiddo in a bubble bath while reading Calvin and Hobbes out loud. The facts are undeniable: The Quail have fallen sick. And thus, blog posts are late, … Read More

Man Colds Kill

- 2

When God wants to exfoliate a wife’s soul, He sends a Man Cold. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. Ask any wife, especially any mother, and if the home has been ravaged with colds, if children … Read More

Skittle Face

- 2

Quail the Second dragged her exhausted self into my kitchen this morning while I was warming up apple cider on the stove and declared, with a sobering degree of gravity, that she was suffering from Skittle Face. This gave me … Read More

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